Posted by: Mark Wollemann: On the move | September 14, 2011

I work in silence. Sweet, sweet silence.

Some days (Not every day, for crying out loud, I’m semi-retired here!), I come to the AUBG main building. I close the door to my office. I open the window, let the fresh air in. Take a peek at the mountains out yonder. And then I sit down and work.

One day I’m planning an in-class writing assignment. Another I’m trying to figure out what to communicate about this or that journalistic issue. I edit stories and other writing assignments. I work in silence. The phone doesn’t ring. The air isn’t filled with chatter. I have time to think. My mind wanders. It’s kind of a beautiful thing.

I loved working in an office all these years. There were the daily lunch walks with my pals Cmill, Judd and Chip. There were yuk-it-up moments with KBlood and Myron. There were times we’d hammer away at a colleague — sometimes even when he was there (you know who you are, Dennis). I loved that stuff. But there’s something to be said for this other thing.

I’m not sure how long it’ll all last. But as I get ready to put the finishing touches on another QUIET day, I’m not trying to dodge another call from my pal Mike Russo or telling my good buddy Jerry Zgoda, “Hey, I gotta roll.”

I just gather up my things, shut down the computer, turn off the lights and lock the door behind me. And the big bonus, the one that makes it all worthwhile: I wander down the hallway, tap-tap-tap on Melody’s office door and we walk out of the building, hand in hand, wondering what comfortable cafe we’ll walk to, what beverage we’ll sip as another night in this little paradise slowly slides away.



  1. Sounds SO civilized!

  2. I’m over the moon happy for the two of you…! It sounds like paradise to me…

  3. you guys are so damn sweet.

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