Posted by: Mark Wollemann: On the move | September 21, 2011

It’ll take more than a spoon full of sugar

I haven’t been at a loss for words since starting this blog a couple of weeks ago. Sun has been shining. Birds have been chirping. My view of the world from the tops of the peaks around this town has been clear and uncluttered.

But a little while ago, a sad bit of news came across the usually cheerful, often uplifting and occasionally banal world of Facebook. Back in Minnesota, which has really seemed like another lifetime ago for us, a little girl, Gracie, lost her struggle with brain cancer. She was 8.

So I’m taking that in, shedding a tear here in Bulgaria and hoping for strength for her dad and mom, David Joles and Elizabeth Flores.

I’d like to be angry because it’s so damned unfair. But how can I be when Dave and Liz and Gracie showed such strength and resilience. So I’ll go on living, cherishing a little more reverentially the good fortune that has shined on my lucky backside all these 50 years (especially the last 25 years and a day).

I hope you do, too. This is a short trip and they never tell you when to get off, they usually just push.


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