Posted by: Mark Wollemann: On the move | October 10, 2011

Paradise lost?

We’ve basked in the glorious warmth of this Southeastern European oasis, sipping rakia, biking in the mountains, traveling to ancient cities and pinching ourselves for the good sense we had to drop everything and scoot.

On Saturday, we jumped on a bus in Blagoevgrad, making sure to sit on the side opposite the sun. It’s always so beastly hot sitting in the sun on the bus. Then we got off in Sofia and the never-ending summer came to a bone-chilling conclusion. The sun, you see, it disappeared. The wind swept in over Vitosha Mountain, peppered us with gusts and howled with laughter at our light-weight summer clothing. Then it started to rain and it really hasn’t stopped — for going on three days.

We made our way back south to Blagoevgrad on Sunday hoping for some sort of weather inversion that would turn our little berg into an oasis again. But it’s not happening. I planned a morning bike ride but thick clouds and stiff winds (and temps in the low 40s F) suggested I wait for a bit … “until the sun warmed things up,” I told Melody. That didn’t happen. In fact, it got colder. It’s raining that miserable 40-degree rain that makes everything hurt in a 50-year-old body. Is this the end of our summer retreat? Must we now confront this new reality? Will we now start reconsidering the wisdom of our decisions?

Nahhhhh. I doubt it. For now, I’ll take some time and do some class prep work and wait for the next warming trend. It’s got to be around the corner. It just has to be.



  1. We in Minnesota are waiting for that same shoe to drop here. The weather has been creepy warm of late. Have to say, though, I think I would have taken that opportunity to buy new warm clothing in Sofia!

  2. Mark, Keep me informed. I relish how things develop. Ava Dale

    • Will do, Ava Dale. These blog posts are sort of our “letters home,” as I mentioned to a good friend just the other day. … They’re not on paper, so they lack that intimacy, but I can cover a whole lot more ground with a blog. 🙂 … Hi to all the Tangletown neighbors. Let ’em know we’re doing fine!

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