Posted by: Mark Wollemann: On the move | December 26, 2011


from Mark Wollemann on Vimeo.

I’ve written often about the threat of dogs while biking in the hills around Blagoevgrad. Now, thanks to the helmet cam, I have proof. Well, it’s more audio proof than video proof, seeing as the dogs are behind me and I’m doing my best to get away from them. But after watching, you’ll see what I mean. Maybe next time, I’ll turn the camera around so you can see the beasts on my tail.

There is some profanity mixed in here and it’s clear I need to mix up my profanity arsenal so that I don’t appear redundantly profane. But we all have our “go-to” curse words and these are mine, apparently.

This was the last bike ride of the year in Bulgaria — I think it was Dec. 19. A couple of days later, Melody and I headed to Paris where we took a little spin around town on the Paris “public bikes.” You just plop in a credit card and “voila!” — you’re biking. Melody will have video evidence of that trip on her blog here sometime soon.

Thanks, all, for following along. I appreciate the kind words of encouragement and the ability to stay connected to friends and family through our little adventure overseas. We’ll keep writing — and depending on the weather, biking — about our life in Bulgaria. But for now, on behalf of my favorite video editor, filmmaker extraordinaire and life partner, let me wish you all a healthy, happy and adventurous new year.



  1. That was scary. BUT, I am anxious to see a tape of a ride with the cam pointing behind you. I have a nightmarish vision of rabid GINORMOUS salivating mongrels at your heels. Very Stephen King…..

  2. […] And while you are at it, check out the newest “Helmet Cam” video I edited for my husband Mark from his most recent “Helmet Cam” bike ride in Bulgaria.  This one is about how biking and wild dogs don’t mix. […]

  3. The expletive deleteds (that aren’t) have me chuckling knowing that Mark is now safe and sound in Paris.

  4. gad that is scary.

  5. Very entertaining… and I’m glad you are ok. Will you return to that trail? Perhaps with dog mace?

    • Yeah, we’ll return there. Been four-plus months and haven’t been bitten yet. Need to carry a big stick at the very least, though.

  6. Don’t know if I should send you dog treats or pepper spray.

  7. oh my gosh! you ran into my friend Kristi today at a concert in Paris! man, what a small world.

  8. Oh…. Bulgarian dogs hate bicycles, my personal experience also… Ended up in front of a car that stopped just in time to break my bike but keep me alive.

    I am so glad you are ok, although I am planning on paying you a visit in Main just to make sure the dogs did not have a Professor Wolleman Leg Dinner 😛

  9. Just a quick tip for the dogs: Don’t run.

    Dogs are no big deal 90% of the time. You just have to be calm and go by them as if they aren’t even there. It’s all about not being afraid, dogs can really sense that. If you ignore them they’ll either ignore you or bark once or twice, except for the problematic 10%.

    If you DO run into some really mean dogs that are out to get your flesh, first keep calm and try to get away without hurting them. If they don’t leave you, pickup a stick/stone and scare them with those BUT ONLY IN EXTREME CASES because all dogs, friendly or not, will instantly get aggressive at the sign of a stick/stone in your hand.

  10. […] wrote often about his biking adventures  (watch him getting chased by stray dogs in this video in this video ) and about his amazement at our lucky situation that allowed him to make the transition from […]

  11. […] When I got to Bulgaria, I experienced mountain biking for the first time. Thrilling, frightening, wild dogs, shepherds, border guards. It had it […]

  12. […] Today’s ride took me through active logging sites. I had to dodge some big logging trucks, and of course (for those who know me) I was chased by a couple of dogs. They broke away from what looked like a friendly campsite that I was thinking I’d visit (they had a nice fire and I was cold and wet). But, no. I turned on the jets and put those pooches in my rear-view mirror (shades of Bulgaria). […]

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