Posted by: Mark Wollemann: On the move | February 24, 2012

Hey, newspaper world …

Ah, the name ... close enough.

If you’re wondering how I’m doing, this.



  1. Long-time reader, first-time commenter. … Wally, you underestimate yourself. You were teaching journalism skills long before you ever thought about stepping into a classroom.

  2. It is curious to learn your state of mind considering I was present in that first class of yours… You didn’t seem that nervous, really…

    But how could journalism become a routine if you do different stories every day? It is not like you are dealing with the same subject over and over again – it is a different world every morning, different news, different people… I honestly don’t understand it…

    • Even in a job that offers a new story, a new landscape every day there are times when a sameness can emerge. In some cases it has less to do with the journalism and more to do with the rhythms of the job, the people you work with, the politics of an office. There are myriad ways in which a job you once loved can turn into one you loathe. If that happens, you owe it to yourself to explore a new horizon. Life, as the saying goes, is too short to be stuck — however that manifests itself. It’s like that.

      • Ah, that makes sense… haven’t thought about it really…

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