Posted by: Mark Wollemann: On the move | December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, safe travels, and all that

What I feel like at the end of the semester -- YAY!

What I feel like at the end of the semester — YAY!

I’ve just finished the last bit of business of 2013 at my AUBG office. It was a good semester.

Our students continue to impress and entertain me. They’re fun-loving, smart, engaged, motivated (most of them), and involved in everything. They’re some of the most interesting people I’ve met — or am likely to meet. That’s one of the joys of being here — meeting young people who are going to be changing the face of the world in all kinds of large and small ways in the years to come. It’ll take a while, to be sure, but it’s going to happen. I hope I’m around long enough to see some of that come to pass.

Obviously, not all of them will change the world. I mean, they’re college students, after all! But I expect significant things from a not-insignificant number of these people. It’s an honor to do my small part in helping set their trajectory. I don’t have any illusions. I’m a small stepping stone in the journey they’re taking. I just hope that I’m the kind of stepping stone that doesn’t lead them to turn their ankle and fall to the ground. I’ll leave that bit to the many loose pavement stones on the sidewalks of Sofia (and Blagoevgrad, for that matter).

So now it’s off to the States for a few weeks while we reconnect with family and some friends. No visit to Minnesota this year, I’m afraid. But we’ll be back in the summer for a bit.

But if you’re in Miami or Chicago or Milwaukee or Brantwood anytime in the next three weeks, it’s possible we’ll bump into you.

For those we miss, a sincere wish for a healthy and loving holiday season. Travel safely, love with abandon and as my father-in-law has said in the past, take comfort in the knowledge that you are living “the good old days” right now. Drink that stuff up.

Cheers (or in the languages of some of our students: Nazdrave/Gëzuar/Zivjeli/Budmo/Živeli/Nazdarovje/gaumarjos/Sağol/ — with a nod for the research to our friends at the blog “Lords of the Drinks.”

Oh, and if you want to check out the videos Melody produced (and the short stories I wrote to accompany Melody’s awesome short documentary pieces from our travels this summer), go here.



  1. oh I have missed Bulgaria! So excited to be back soon

  2. Happy holidays to you too!
    The Lords of the Drinks

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