Posted by: Mark Wollemann: On the move | August 5, 2015

Yeah … I know, I know

I haven’t written in a while. I created “On the Move” to document the life-changing move Melody and I made to Bulgaria in 2011. Mission accomplished. I wrote 67 posts. I gained a small audience of followers. If that’s you, thanks. I wasn’t out there hunting web traffic, but I’m thrilled if some of you saw Bulgaria and the Balkans through our eyes.

Back when I started this thing, it was more personal than “professional.” I had never “journaled” or “diaried” (hmmm, that doesn’t sound so good). But I wanted our time abroad to be something we could look back on and savor. Years later, we’ll travel through the blog and remember what a special time this has been. Cue the Lawrence Welk schmaltz. (I’m old, that show is much older.)

We’re not done moving, though. Yeah, we’re situated in Chicago for at least the next year (we’re taking a one-year leave of absence from AUBG). But we’ve had a busy start to the summer and we’re just now settling into our condo life in the Midwest. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve done so far this summer:

Golf with my brother, his daughter and the old man. Still kicking ass and taking names at 80.

Golf with my brother, his daughter and the old man. Still kicking ass and taking names at 80.

Bought a car.
Bought a grill.
Bought a blender.
And traveled a ton.

We have driven to Northern Wisconsin a couple of times to visit my folks (and to play golf).

We drove to Colorado (Denver) to visit Melody’s brother and his family.

We drove to Minnesota to visit friends and attend a beautiful wedding.

We popped in to visit friends in Toronto and in Long Meadow, Mass.

We visited our daughter Jenna in Brooklyn, attended an incredible wedding in upstate New York, and hung out with some AUBGers in Provincetown, Mass.

NY wedding, jpeg

The wedding in Garrison, NY. Everyone was trying to take pictures in the sun.

We drove from there to Baltimore to visit more family. And to D.C. to hang with friends and Melody’s brother, her dad and his wife.

Then we drove back to Chicago.

We’ve seen some people. We had some nice visits. And we suffered what seemed to be jet lag though we never once stepped into an airport.

We ended up driving more than 6,000 miles (about 10,000 kilometers, for the non-Americans!).

And while we drove, I biked. So far, I’ve ridden 831 miles (or so), most of them here in Chicago, but I rode pretty much every place we visited, too.

Biking along the Lake Michigan shoreline offers up some spectacular views.

Biking along the Lake Michigan shoreline offers up some spectacular views.

So, you see, we’re still “on the move,” so I can still keep writing the blog under that heading.

I’ll try to be better on the writing front. In the meantime, if you’re visiting Chicago in the coming months, let us know so we can at least have a coffee or a beer while you’re here. We’ve got the low-down on some good places and we’re learning more each and every day. It’s a great city.

We’ll miss Bulgaria this year, to be sure. To our friends and students back in Blagoevgrad, we say nasdrave! Have a great year and be well. We’ll be thinking of you — while we enjoy the view from here.

Sunrise from the balcony in Chicago.

Sunrise from the balcony in Chicago.




  1. I’m glad you’re having such exciting adventures all over the US! But you’ll definitely be missed at AUBG in the upcoming year! I’m happy to see that you keep on updating us on all your endeavours – I’m definitely following 🙂

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