Posted by: Mark Wollemann: On the move | June 2, 2016

A quick update on the “bike situation”

My new favorite bike shop guy Troy from Mox Multisport was able to connect with the good people at Felt and they warrantied my fractured bike. Amazing. This is not a new bike, but a quality manufacturer stands behind its product and they stepped up big time. It goes without saying that I am now a Felt customer for life. This is huge for me.

As I write this, Troy is in the process of disassembling my old and broken bike and reassembling the really solid components on this new frame. It’s a Felt Z85 aluminum frame with carbon fiber fork. Bike geeks can check out the details here.


Now, I don’t get out of this thing free and clear, but I am able to avoid buying a completely new rig. I was given the option of using the frame that was coming from Felt to trade up to a new all carbon fiber bike. … I’ll probably be kicking myself sometime down the road for not being able to pull the trigger on that particular transaction, but budgets are budgets and we’re trying not to run ourselves any further into the ground. So, I’m on the hook for shipping and the labor to put the new bike together. Wanted to mention, too, that I’ll be buying all my future bikes and bike gear from Mox Multisport. These guys are making it happen! We’ll be on the road to the West Coast on Tuesday as planned

I did spring for new shoes and clips, as the ones I had been using were coming apart at the seams. And I think the new, wider clip will provide some comfort in the three months of hard riding ahead. But that’s the update on the bike front. I’m a happy camper today.




  1. Glad to hear.

    Ride Captain, Ride

  2. Fantastic! Felt is sure to get great press in the bargain. I love consumer stories like this. Happy pedaling!

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